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Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. The technique originates from Egypt, Iran, South Eastern and Central Asia. It can be used on all areas of the face and neck. Unwanted hair is plucked out using a twisted cotton thread, trapping hair and lifting up in a quick motion out of the hair follicle. Each thread is used and thrown away after every use.

Because of its precision, it has remained one of the most popular natural methods to remove unwanted facial hair. We can clean up your eyebrows or create a new eyebrow shape and thickness and the effect can last from two to five weeks. The precision is like no other form of hair removal and it can be done on all areas of the face and neck.

Our threading technique is less painful and there are no chemicals applied on the skin. Using only a cotton thread, unnecessary skin irritation is prevented. Our spa located in McKinney, Texas is the perfect place for all your facial hair threading needs.

Threading Prices

  • Women’s Eyebrows – $14
  • Men’s Eyebrows – $17
  • Upper Lip – $10
  • Chin – $12
  • Forehead – $10
  • Unibrow – $6
  • Nose Top – $6
  • Cheeks – $12
  • Sideburns – $15
  • Jawline – $12
  • Full Face – $45
  • Neck – $12

Special Discount Pricing for Combination Areas

  • Eyebrow and Lip – $23
  • Eyebrow, Lip and Chin – $33
  • Free Lower Lip with Upper Lip + Chin